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The basement is one of the most ignored spaces inside a home. It hardly gets the care and attention that other areas of a house or apartment do. Homeowners keep piling up in the basement all kinds of junk items and stuff. As a result of this, the space collects a lot of dust and dirt over time.


Many homeowners ignore the proper cleaning of the basement. It should be understood that the basement is a part of the house. If it is left dirty and unclean for too long, the allergens and harmful germs from the basement can easily get into other areas of the house. This can create potential health risks for family and kids. Therefore, every homeowner should consider basement cleaning as an important chore and maintain it in a proper manner. If your basement is covered with dust and dirt and it has hardly any space to walk, it is time to hire basement cleaning services. If you are in or near Commack, NY, you should reach out to VV Maids, which has specialization in thorough cleaning of the entire basement.

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    VV Maids – Your Ideal Basement Cleaning Partner


    Keeping the basement neat and clean takes a lot of physical effort and time. The task begins with removing all the junk and clutter that have accumulated there over a period of time. Detailed cleaning is needed to reach out to every nook and cranny of the area and clean it to the core. 

    If you are a busy working professional, it will be extremely difficult for you to find time for such a mammoth task. At the VV Maids, we provide top quality basement cleaning by skilled cleaners. If your basement is well-organized and clean, you can use it for many other purposes. Apart from turning it into a space for organized storage, you can set up a playroom in the basement. But first, you will need to thoroughly clean the entire space. If your basement is heavily cluttered, flooded or dirty, our highly trained maids will carry out the entire cleanup procedure in a professional manner. No matter what size of basement you have, feel confident that our cleaners will perform a truly remarkable cleaning job to make you happy.

    old basement with stairs and brick walls with two lamps on the ceiling

    Our basement cleanup services are based on a well-defined procedure which includes multiple essential steps. Our cleaners and maids complete every step with seriousness and great attention to detail. After the cleaning has been performed, your basement will look as clean and tidy as the day it was first set up. In a nutshell, our services will revitalize the entire home environment.

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    Why It is Important to Keep Basements Clean


    A dirty and messy basement is a breeding ground of different types of harmful germs, bacteria and viruses.

    Since homeowners think of the basement as a utility space, they tend to use it the same way.

    Dust, dirt and other types of filth continue to cover the space over time. Such an unhealthy environment poses potential health risks and can result in allergies and infections.


    A messy and cluttered basement has:


    • Thick layers of dust
    • Foul smells and unpleasant odors
    • Damp and moisture
    • Cobweb buildup
    • Different types of pest infestation
    • Mold growth


    No matter how hard you try on your own to keep the basement clean, the space gathers plenty of junk and clutter bit by bit.

    If you truly care for the health and well-being of your family and children, you can never afford to keep a messy, dirty and flooded basement.

    The fact is simple: If the basement is not clean, your home or apartment will not be truly clean either.

    At the VV Maids, we have a trusted team of skilled basement cleaners to help you get the job done right.

    Our Basement Cleanout Procedure


    The VV Maids offer the most ideal cleaning services for all sizes of basements in and near Commack, NY. The procedure involves the use of top quality cleaning products, state-of-art machinery and expert skills.


    Junk and Water Removal:

    Just like a garage, a basement also remains packed with plenty of unwanted and useless stuff. Our cleaners get started with getting rid of all the junk from the space. If the basement is flooded, the maids will remove the water using the right set of equipment and tools. The cleaners also ensure all the junk is disposed of in a responsible manner.



    The next step is to carry out vacuuming to remove loose dirt and debris from all surfaces and floors. Once this has been done, the basement cleaners will prepare a solution with detergent, ammonia and water and use it to hand-mop the floor in a proper manner. After scrubbing and rinsing, maids will also vacuum up the extra water from all across the floors.


    Window Cleaning:

    The windows, frames and mirrors of the basement area need proper and thorough cleaning. At the VV Maids, we use our own unique cleaner formula for the cleaning of windows and frames. Our maids are expertly trained in making all the windows and mirrors spotlessly clean.


    Dusting and Polishing:

    This is an important part of the overall cleaning of the basement area. This might sound like a simple task to many, but it is actually a task which requires effort and skills. Polishing means giving final touches to the surfaces so that they become sparkling clean.


    Cleaning Floor Drains:

    Unpleasant odors linger inside the basement when the floor drains become clogged. These bad odors can also enter into other areas of the house or the apartment. To get rid of this issue, the drains need to be sufficiently cleaned and made odor-free. Our cleaning team will apply effective products and techniques to eliminate the accumulation of bacteria inside the drain. In 10-15 minutes, the clogged drains will become clear.


    Cabinets Cleaning:

    The storage cabinets and closets are potential spaces which gather plenty of dust and dirt. Our cleaners will reach out every cabinet, closet, shelf and drawer in the basement and clean both the exteriors as well as the interiors. Deep cleaning is often required to remove the greasy messes in these areas. We’ll make every effort to transform the basement.


    Sanitizing and Disinfecting:

    If your basement has been flooded, many surfaces will need sanitizing and disinfecting. Apart from that, the sinks, tubs and toilets will require proper disinfecting as well. Using a bleach solution, our maids will mop all the affected floors and then rinse and dry. 


    Trash Disposal:

    After every bit of the basement has been thoroughly cleaned, our maids will empty all the garbage bins and dispose of the trash. Being a specialized basement cleanout service, we pay attention to every small task and make sure it is performed in a professional manner.


    This is not a comprehensive list of all the cleaning tasks that we perform to clean and maintain a proper basement. Based on the size and level of clutter and mess, we offer customized plans for professional cleaning of the basement. Our maids will arrive at your location in proper uniform and carry a checklist of all the tasks that need to be carried out in your basement.

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    Through our expertise, hard work and passion, VV Maids has earned the trust of homeowners throughout Commack and its surrounding areas. Our basement cleaners are local as well as experienced. Being local means the maid is quite well-informed of all the key basement issues in the area. With our team of highly trusted and reliable maids and cleaners by your side, it will be easy and simple for you to keep a neat, tidy and well-organized basement at all times.


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