House cleaners and maids make the maintenance of a home or office easy. Trained cleaners have extensive experience in different types of cleaning needed for residential and business places. However, many people hesitate to hire cleaners because they have some doubts or confusion. To provide you with more clarity on maid services, we have created a list of some of the most frequently asked questions in regard to house cleaning, office cleaning, and maid services. Hopefully, you will find in this section the answers you are looking for.

Have a specific question?

Do I need to provide any cleaning tools or products?

No. You don’t need to provide any tools or products for the cleaning. Each of our maids will show up at your home or office with branded tools and top-quality cleaning products to perform the job. In case you want our cleaners to use certain products that you have, let us know about it in advance. We consider it our prime duty to address each of your concerns or requests.

What if any of my valuable possessions is damaged?

Being a professional cleaning company, we treat your home like our own and handle every item on your property with great care and respect. In case there is some damage to an item, it is our responsibility to either get it repaired or replace it. Since all our maids are fully insured, claims can be filed as or when required. Feel confident that your home or office is in safe hands though.

Do I need to be present for the cleaning to be done?

Not necessarily. Since you will discuss your specific cleaning requirements and other requests with our professionals in advance, your presence will not be mandatory. You can be at your office or busy with other things while our cleaners carry out the entire cleaning procedure in an effective manner. Most property owners hand us a spare key or a garage code for entry.

Are your maids insured and bonded?

This is a very important question. When you choose to work with a maid service, you should definitely find out whether its cleaners are insured and bonded. VV Maids is fully insured and bonded. This means you can always remain worry-free in regard to the valuables in your house. It is very important for us to give each client complete peace of mind while we work with them.

What should I do before your cleaners arrive?

Not much in particular. However, you should just store the toys, clothing, and other valuable items properly. If you keep pets, you should move them to a comfortable place so that there are no disruptions.

How often should I hire your cleaning services?

You should make a cleaning routine as per the specific needs of your home, office, or apartment. We provide various cleaning schedules and programs to fulfill the exact needs of every property owner. You can have our trained cleaners clean your space on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. If you are not sure, our professionals will assess your needs and tell you.

Are house cleaning and office cleaning services expensive?

No. Many people think that the cost of hiring professional cleaners is very high. But this is not true. Most cleaning services are designed to suit the needs of small family homes and individual homeowners as well as the owners of large properties and business places. The actual cost of cleaning depends on how large the space or the property is and what type of cleaning it needs. Typically, it is always affordable to hire house or office cleaning services.


At VV Maids, we offer free quotes for anyone who is looking to seek professional help for the cleaning of their homes, apartments, and offices. Since the quote is free, you can request it from us anytime.

What does your cleaning procedure look like?

At VV Maids, we have developed a well-defined cleaning procedure, which is both highly effective and innovative. Our services are designed to cover every area and surface of a property and make it spotlessly clean in a swift manner. Our customized services are combined with advanced systems and equipment to provide clients with an unforgettable experience. We employ the latest methods and top-grade tools to offer clients the most ideal cleaning solutions.

How does our relationship work?

At VV Maids, we continuously strive to establish trust with each of our clients. At any stage of the cleaning process, our professionals stay in close contact with the owner of the property for any kind of special request. We understand how important it is to properly communicate with a client, so as to ensure everything goes as per the plan and the client is happy and satisfied.


Relationships are always built on the foundation of trust. We truly value your trust and will go the extra mile to earn it.

Why should I hire VV Maids?

People prefer to hire our professional cleaning services for several good reasons. Apart from remaining focused on the highest standards, we always pay attention to what a client exactly needs. In fact, we develop a customized plan for every project based on specific needs and budget. Plus, all our maids have been rigorously vetted and properly trained to perform a great job. Our services also offer clients a great deal of flexibility in terms of scheduling.

How long does the first cleaning take?

The first cleaning takes more time than subsequent cleanings. How much time the first cleaning will exactly take depends on how long your home or office has remained uncleaned or unattended. There are many other factors that will together determine the amount of time taken to clean your residential property or office the first time. Deep cleaning takes longer than general cleaning.

Where do you operate?

VV Maids provides professional residential and office cleaning as well as maid services in and near Commack, NY. If you reside in or close to this location, feel free to give us a call for a cleaning service.


Hopefully, you will find the answers you are looking for in this list of FAQs. We have attempted to provide clarity on most of the common issues and concerns people have about hiring a cleaning service. Still, if you don’t see your question here, just give our office a phone call or write us an email.

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