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Whether it is a modest engagement party or a large industry event, its success requires careful planning of a number of things. There is food and location – and then you need to leave an impressive impact on guests. Among other tasks, one thing that you should pay special attention to is cleaning. 

At an event, you need to keep every space and corner looking tidy. However, it is not easy to create a spotless space on your own. That is exactly why the role of event cleaning services is so important. While you remain busy getting the set up done in a proper manner, a professional cleaning company will carry out thorough cleaning – before and during and after the event. If you are planning to organize an upcoming event in or near Commack, NY, you should head straight to VV Maids, which is known for its solid reputation and reliability. The company has been performing event cleaning for over a decade for a range of clients.

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    VV Maids Offers Professional Cleaning for Big and Small Events

    If you have a social or business event coming up soon, you will find a trusted cleaning partner in VV Maids. We understand the importance of neat and tidy spaces and how a clean atmosphere can make guests happy. At our company, we offer pre-event cleaning, post-event cleaning and live event cleaning, so that your guests can enjoy a neat and peaceful atmosphere.


    Our event cleaning services are designed to cater to the specific requirements of a wide variety of events, which include:


    • Trade shows
    • Industry events
    • Conventions
    • Celebrations
    • Weddings
    • Concerts
    • Sporting events
    • Grand openings
    • Festivals
    many colorful balloons

    In fact, our highly trained cleaners have experience in carrying out cleaning for many more events like these. You can fully rely on our team to successfully deal with all the mess, garbage and leftover materials at an event. Our professionals will ensure the venue remains spotless both when the events starts and after the event has ended. The events that we have mentioned above are only a few. For a detailed list and a free estimate, reach out to VV maids.

    Pre-Event Cleaning

    When it comes to an event, the first impression of guests is what matters the most. If you plan to give all the guests and participants a delightful welcome, you should make sure the venue looks spotlessly clean before the event, when the celebration begins. A messy place will prove to be a surefire recipe for failure, as it would ruin the mood and spirit of the guests altogether.


    At VV Maids, we have a well-trained crew which will clean your venue in a thorough and professional manner. Right from vacuuming, sweeping and mopping to scrubbing and sanitizing and trash removal, our event cleaners will reach out every nook and cranny and turn the venue into a neat and clean atmosphere for attendees. If you have planned an event, you should first have a consultation with our experts, a couple of days in advance. We’ll need the floor plan and want to know any other general directions you may have to do a remarkable job.


    Feel confident that all your guests will walk into the venue feeling happy, peaceful and energized. The fresh, clean and tidy atmosphere will give you as well as your guests complete peace of mind.

    dishes and glasses set neatly on a table with candles and plants

    Live Event Cleaning


    Once an event has started, the challenge is to keep it running smoothly right till the last minute. At a party or event, guests may leave trash here and there.

    This will make the space look messy. At any point of time during the event, it is crucial for you to stay on top of any kind of mess that may occur.


    If you do not want to see unexpected litter anywhere around the space, you should have a crew of event cleaning professionals at hand.

    At VV Maids, we have that cleaning team, ready to help you.


    Our cleaning team will be present at the venue while the event is going on. They will keep a close watch on every space, floor and corner so that trash or litter can be cleaned immediately.

    The best part about our professional cleaners is that your guests will not notice that they are there.

    The cleaners will perform their duty with due diligence and dedication while keeping a low profile.

    three girls smiling in a party with gold confetti falling on them

    Post-Event Cleaning


    Just like pre-event and live event cleaning, you also need to deal with the post-event cleaning to restore the previous clean state of the venue.

    After the event is over, a messy venue can become a real headache. But that is exactly why you have our team with you.

    We understand the kind of mess, litter and trash a venue can become, after all the guests and participants have left.


    After the trade show or the party is over, our team of cleaners will perform a thorough cleanup of the entire space in a professional manner.

    Our maids will box up all the leftover materials. In fact, our team will also lend you a hand in loading your cars, vans and trucks.

    We are more than just an event cleaning company. Think of us as a reliable cleaning partner, who aims to turn your concert, party or exhibition into one of the most successful events ever.

    The entire cleaning after the event will be conducted in a swift and proper manner by us.

    woman in sequin pants holding a broom and cleaning confetti off the floor after a party

    Why Our Clients Think that VV Maids is the Best Event Cleaning Service In and Near Commack, NY

    Our clients include small businesses, corporate houses, government agencies, industry professionals, musicians, singers, sports persons, media agencies and a lot more. We take great pride in the fact that each one of our clients has reposed their faith in us and love us as the go-to event cleaning company. At the same time, we continue to strive to surpass our clients’ expectations.


    Our event cleaning services are both comprehensive and convenient to suit the specific needs of every type of event. All our housekeepers have received expert training to carry out their job with a keen attention to detail.


    Apart from ensuring the absolute best cleaning service for your event, we also use only branded equipment and high quality materials. Whether it is cleaning agents, vacuum cleaners, disinfectants or any other product, we make sure it has maximum efficiency to deliver great results. Our entire crew of cleaners is specially trained in the use of a wide range of modern cleaning equipment. We use products such as HEPA filter vacuums, hospital-grade disinfectants, microfiber cloths and auto-scrubbers among others. At the same time, we also use our own cleaning products – which have been prepared using unique and well-tested formulas.


    Whether it is the cleaning products or their use, VV Maids always puts environmental safety above everything else.

    Do You Have a Business Event or Celebration Coming Up?


    If you are planning an event, party or celebration soon, let us take expert care of your venue cleaning. VV Maids always remains committed to providing you the best quality of cleaning for all kinds and sizes of events. Our services are available all across Commack, NY, and its nearby locations. Though we prefer being contacted in advance, you can also hire our crew at short notice. 


    To schedule your free consultation and assessment of your needs, feel free to give us a phone call or write us an email.

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