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Every organization is required to keep a clean office environment. Whether it is the staff or the visitors, their health and comfort come above everything else. If you are running a business, it is your duty to pay serious attention to the cleanliness and maintenance of the workplace. A neat and clean working atmosphere increases the productivity of the staff and keeps clients happy.


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    Office cleaning is not just about preventing the growth of harmful germs and bacteria, but it is also about the reputation of a business. If your workplaces look well-maintained and tidy, it sends a good signal that you really are a responsible business owner and you genuinely care about health, hygiene and safety. Dirty offices are an ideal breeding ground for different kinds of germs, which can make the staff and visitors fall sick with various infections and illnesses. Right from the reception area, cubicles, conference rooms and washrooms to cafeteria and kitchen, every bit of the workplace should be kept neat, clean and tidy at all times.


    At VV Maids, we specialize in office and commercial space cleaning services. If your workplace is located in or near Commack, NY, you can reach out to one of our representatives and talk about your specific cleaning needs.

    Why Office and Workplace Cleaning Matters

    Thorough office cleaning services by professionals offers a range of benefits for businesses. You may already be using a cleaning service. However, cleaning is not just about doing quick vacuuming and disposing of the trash.

    Proper cleaning is about making the office space free from dust, dirt, allergens and pathogens – no matter where they may be hiding.

    The cleaning services of professionals is based on deep cleaning of all the areas and surfaces including those that are difficult to reach as well as those nooks and crannies which may not be immediately visible.

    To maximize the benefits from cleaning, it is crucial to work with professionals.


    Thorough office cleaning services brings you these benefits:


    • Happy and productive employees
    • Safe and healthy work environment
    • Smart and clean appearance
    • High morale of employees
    • Long-term cost savings
    • Freeing up of storage space


    By hiring a commercial cleaning company, you will resolve a range of issues that arise due to lack of a clean workplace or office.

    If you have not hired the services of a reputed and experienced office cleaning company yet, you should get in touch with VV Maids for your free consultation with experts.

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    How We Can Help You Keep Your Offices Clean

    Our maids are highly skilled, trained and qualified to perform the detailed cleaning of big and small offices and business places. At VV Maids, we take every cleaning project seriously and follow all the necessary steps required to restore the bright and shine of your workplaces and offices.


    Places where employees and visitors eat should always be neat and clean and inviting.

    Due to negligent cleaning, a cafeteria can become the breeding ground of different kinds of germs and bacteria.

    It is important to keep every part of the cafeteria in your business place properly clean and sanitized.

    Anyone eating in this place should feel comfortable and safe.

    a clean and well-lighted restaurant with modern furniture and design
    a clean office with large windows and black chairs and gray and green desks empty of people


    Due to their unique design, the areas inside a cubicle can gather a lot of dirt and dust over time.

    General cleaning will not remove the dust particles, allergens and pathogens hiding in hard to reach areas.

    At the VV Maids, we employ the latest techniques and tools to thoroughly clean and wash every area of the cubicle, inside and outside.

    We use specific cleaning solutions to clean and degrease the tech equipment in an effective and safe manner.


    Uncleaned or poorly cleaned gyms put the health of their members at risk.

    Since a gym is a highly frequented and used place, the machines and equipment in it can easily carry germs and bacteria.

    If you truly care for the health and well-being of gym members, you should never ignore its cleaning.

    Our maids have plenty of experience in the thorough cleaning of every area and surface of the gym and its equipment so that the space has a neat and tidy look.

    workout equipment inside a gym
    a clean and empty parking area inside a building

    Car Park:

    While you keep every other area in your workplace shining, you should not ignore the car park. Dirt, unpleasant stains, foul smells of the car park leave a very bad impression on customers. We offer emergency as well as periodic car park cleaning to suit your specific needs. A clean car park translates to giving your customers a pleasant experience and making a good first impression. So, this is certainly going to increase the bottomline of your business.


    Our office cleaning services go much beyond this. Our maids will pay attention to every part and area of your workplace. Our services include the cleaning of air conditioning vents, lights, sofas, carpets, curtains, switch boards, doors, windows, door frames, window frames, electronic items etc.


    In most workplaces, the kitchen atmosphere doesn’t look good at all. It is quite disgusting to see dirty dishes here and there, food spills on the benches and other mess in the kitchen. Such dirty kitchens take away the positivity of employees and leave a bad impact on visitors. Hire our trained maids to reduce the risk of food-borne illnesses due to dirt and contamination. Keep your kitchen in good shape and enhance the well-being of people in your organization.

    Staff Room:

    In many organizations, the cleaning of the staff room often gets ignored. It is a place which is frequented by the staff for the purpose of taking breaks, eating lunches or relaxing. If you don’t want this place to fall into chaos, you should pay serious attention to its cleaning on a regular basis. Proper cleaning will turn the staff room into a hygienic place.

    Why You Should Hire Our Office Cleaning Services


    Unlike fly-by-night cleaning companies, VV Maids has specialization and experience in office cleaning services and maintenance. Our professional services are based on the most innovative techniques of deep cleaning. We use high quality vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters. As per need, we use both manual cleaning as well as machine cleaning to do the job right. We offer one-time deep cleaning and regular maintenance as well as periodic cleaning to suit your needs.


    Before we get started with a cleaning project, we will first listen to your specific concerns and have a discussion. If your business has special cleaning requirements, our team will visit your place, identify key areas of concerns and determine the most suitable cleaning procedures. 


    All our maids have gained valuable experience through hard work and dedication. They have received advanced training in the use of a range of state-of-the-art technology and the latest cleaning products and tools. Whether you need maintenance cleaning or restorative cleaning, you can always rely on VV Maids to get the highest quality of cleaning and the best customer service. We understand why it is extremely important for a business to keep its offices and workplaces clean and tidy. Our office cleaning services aim to create a healthy and safe work environment and enhance the reputation of a business to keep employees and clients happy. 

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