Unfortunately, most people think cleaning is the most straightforward task everyone can do. This understatement leads to misconceptions regarding home cleaning. So, cleaning catastrophes will occur, and some common mistakes will be repeated all the time. These mistakes can sometimes cost you heavily. In this article, we’ll discuss these mistakes and their remedies.

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8 Common Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some common cleaning mistakes that you should avoid while cleaning your house:

1- Using One Rag for Different Spots

It is a common mistake by many individuals. When you use a rag to clean different spots, the germs will transfer from one room to another. You clean the kitchen and then go to the bathroom using the same rag. So, germs are removed from the kitchen and are in the bathroom now.

To avoid this mistake, you need to use particular wads for each surface. A microfiber cleaning cloth is beneficial for each corner of your house. These pieces of cloth can be washed thoroughly to avoid gunk or grime. So, you need to allocate unique rags for each surface to protect your home against germs circulation.

2- Using Feather Dusters

You might see many ads regarding these types of dusters. They are the worst kind of dusters because they spread dust around. These dusters push the dust off to the floor, making the space dirtier. Feather dusters won`t trap grime and dust due to their structure.

To avoid over-cleaning your house, use items like disposable paper towels to clean the surfaces. Microfiber cleaning cloths are also good options. So, you don’t need to be worried about spreading dust around your house.

3- Not Changing the Vacuum Filter

If the vacuum filter is not changed for a long time or is dirty, the cleaning won’t have the appropriate results. The vacuum can`t function well in this case, and the dirt and dust will remain in the area. The decreased suction of the vacuum will bring back dirt and dust to the space of the room or the carpets.

To avoid this problem, change the canisters every time they are full. It can be really helpful to stay away from over-cleaning. Clean vacuum attachments using an appropriate damp cloth regularly to minimize these types of problems.

4- Putting All the Kitchen Tools in Dishwasher

Most individuals toss all the utensils like graters and zesters into the dishwasher. Your dishwasher cannot clean these small tools well due to the nooks and crannies inside them. The food might be left in these tools and become musty. The situation will be problematic when you think these tools are clean and use them again.

In order to avoid this current problem:

  1. Skip the dishwasher and hand wash the small tools.
  2. Use soap and hot water to clean them appropriately.
  3. Pay close attention to corners and crannies while washing these utensils.

In this way, you can stay away from germs and illnesses. Also, it is important to know how to properly load a dishwasher to make sure that all the dishes are going to get completely clean.

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5- Not Letting the Toilet Brush Dry Before Placing It on the Holder

Most individuals place the toilet brush back on the holder right after use. It causes the germs to stay and multiply inside the holder. So, the next time you use the toilet brush, a flood of germs will spread in the space.

Avoid this mistake by letting the toilet brush dry well after scrubbing. It is a helpful technique to avoid germs and dirt in your toilet.

6- Not Cleaning the Sink Well

Skipping the sink is another common mistake. The sink is prone to germs and bacteria due to its moisturized environment. The issue will be more serious when food or standing water is inside the sink.

Scrub the sink constantly to avoid this mistake. Things like baking soda can be helpful to rid the drain and garbage. A clean sink is fundamental to staying healthy because you use it all the time for various purposes.

7- Cleaning from the Ground up

It would be best if you cleaned the Furniture first. If you swap or vacuum the floor before this, the dust and crumbs will fall on the floor, making you clean again.

To avoid over-cleaning, clean the space from the top down. Windows are good spots to start, then work on tables, counters, and other furniture. Finally, you can vacuum or sweep the floor.

8- Spraying Cleaner Directly on the Furniture

Unfortunately, it is a mistake that most individuals make. Direct spraying on Furniture creates greasy surfaces, which is ideal for germs. Dirt and dust can stick to these sorts of surfaces effortlessly.

It’s better to spray the solution on a paper towel or a cleaning cloth, then clean the surfaces using the paper towel or cloth. This indirect touch won’t cause any problems and will avoid spreading germs.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it bad to use one rag for different spots while cleaning?

    Using one rag for different spots can transfer germs from one room to another, potentially spreading them throughout your home. To prevent this, it’s essential to use specific rags for each surface, such as microfiber cleaning cloths.

    Why are feather dusters not recommended for cleaning?

    Feather dusters are not ideal for cleaning as they tend to spread dust around rather than trap it due to their structure. It’s better to use disposable paper towels or microfiber cleaning cloths to clean surfaces effectively.

    Why should I clean from the top down instead of from the ground up?

    Cleaning from the top down is recommended to avoid dust and crumbs falling onto the already-cleaned floor. Start with higher surfaces like windows, then work your way down to tables, counters, and furniture before vacuuming or sweeping the floor.

    Can I spray cleaners directly on furniture?

    Spraying cleaner directly on furniture can create greasy surfaces that attract germs and easily trap dirt and dust. To avoid this, it’s better to spray the cleaning solution on a paper towel or cleaning cloth and then clean the surfaces with indirect contact.

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