People use cleaning products to keep germs and pathogenic factors away. Sometimes, young children use these products, which can be dangerous. The cleaning products are so helpful in keeping our home clean and removing disgusting germs, but you need to use them with care and attention, especially if you have kids in your family. These products have ingredients that hurt the skin, nose, and different parts of the body. If these cleaning products are swallowed, they can be poisonous even in small amounts. Swallowing these products can cause various symptoms and problems, including vomiting, nausea, breathing problems, and many more. Children are significantly susceptible to these symptoms. They are petite with a fast metabolism, so toxicity can be considerable for them. Keep reading to get familiar with the safe use of cleaning products.

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    Hand Sanitizers and the Risk of Alcohol Poisoning 

    Hand sanitizers are pretty dangerous for kids. These sanitizers are everywhere these days, and many individuals use them. These products contain at least 60% alcohol, an intense concentration. If children ingest even small doses of these products, alcohol poisoning can occur very rapidly. These products are an accessible target for children due to the availability and bottles that are easy to open; hand sanitizers are sometimes enticing to children due to features like eye-catching glitter or appealing packaging. Kids must use these products under the supervision of parents and adults. The parents must squeeze a drop on the kids` hands, supervise them, rub them, and then dry their hands. 

    Be Careful with Cleaning Products and Disinfectants 

    Be aware of swallowing or inhaling any disinfecting or cleaning product. Here are some practical tips to poison-free your living place: 

    1- Use the Cleaning Products according to the Directions 

    These cleaners must be in containers with original labels to be distinguished throughout your living place. If you want to use these products safely, it is crucial to read the directions carefully. You need to dilute some of these products to avoid various problems. Don`t use the cleaning products for objects and services that are inappropriate for these specific cleaners.

    2- Don’t Use the Cleaning Products Together 

    If you want to get something clean, don’t use a mixture of chemicals. For instance, blending bleach with ammonia can create a poisonous gas, which is extremely dangerous.

    3- Wearing Protection is Vital 

    Many hard-surface cleaners can irritate your skin or different parts of the body. Disposable gloves or reusable ones can be appropriate here. Good ventilation is something crucial to avoid many risks. The children must be out of the room while you are busy cleaning and also for some minutes afterward. 

    4- Store Chemicals Safely 

    If you have kids or pets, don`t leave the bottles of chemicals open without attention. Most accidents will occur when the caregivers are distracted for a moment. Close these bottles well and keep them in high and safe places or lock them in cabinets. If you use rags or sponges to clean these bottles, store them properly or dispose of them to avoid subsequent risks.

    5- Be Cautious Even About Green Cleaners 

    When we say a cleaner is green, it doesn’t mean we should throw caution to the wind. Treat them as the other cleaners and use them in line with directions and tips. Green products are great for health and the environment. Online searches can help you get a list of quality green cleaners.

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    6- Don`t Forget to Use the Recommended Amount 

    It is crucial for things like bleach because a little bit of it can go a long way. So, only use the recommended amount and don’t increase that.

    7- Call for Help If You Feel Ill 

    If you or individuals around you display severe symptoms, call for help immediately. The local poison control centers are appropriate in these cases. 

    8- Purchase from Companies with Full Disclosure 

    To evaluate the safety of products, you must know about the ingredients. If there is no list of ingredients for your product, call the company and request disclosure. Making a proper judgment is possible only after knowing the ingredients. Don`t count on generic terms, and always seek the details. 

    9- Avoid Fragrance in Products 

    Synthetic fragrances are dangerous, and they can cause many problems. They can trigger asthma; some of these fragrances contain chemicals that disrupt hormones. If the unwanted odors annoy you, tackle the source and do not displace the odors with fragrance. 

    10- Antimicrobial Products Are Difficult to Use 

    Antimicrobial products are varied, and you need to use them according to the direction. Only using water and soap can keep the germs away. So, please keep it simple and avoid using complex cleaning products. Pre-cleaning, dwell time, and rinsing is all different for antimicrobial products. 

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